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This may become the new home for my blogging, consolidating my personal and geek blogs into this one place. I’m finding that I’m not writing as often as I’d like to, and without heavy posting volume, there’s really no point in separating the geek and personal blogs.

My intention was to keep the geek one focused on just reusable tips/tricks/scripts/etc., but with categories (aka tags, labels, keywords, etc), people can simply search this blog for the category ‘geek’ or something.

Anyways, we’ll see how this goes. For now, the old blogs are still up on blogger, and I may still post on them until I decide for sure what I’m doing. I’m going to play around with wordpress a bit, though, and see if I like it better than the new blogger beta.

Eventually, I may end up hosting it myself, or at least making http://www.spugbrap.com point to it or something. For now, that just points at my family website (http://www.oatmealcookies.org), which is where all my pictures get posted (resized) automatically when I download them from my digital camera. One of these days, I will get all those pictures organized with some sort of tagging system.. I haven’t decided what, yet, so they’re just organized into folders by the date they were taken.


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  1. Clint Says:

    For picture tagging, apparantly you can put the tags inside JPGs themself using either EXIF or ITPC, I think ITPC. Christian is doing this. I will be doing this in the future. FlickR auto-recognizes these and adds tags appropriately. It makes more sense for meta-data to live in the actual file it is meta of, rather than separately, where a program (like my flickr uploader that I wrote) must exist to couple the meta-data with the data itself.

    I hear you on the geek vs personal / blog vs multiblog debate. I chose one, but use tag heirarchies.

    One thing WordPress supports is a custom homepage for your blog. I’ve thought about implementing one which asks “which ‘blog’ do you want to read? Clint’s media blog, Clint’s politics blog, Clint’s technology blog, etc.”

    In effect, it would make 1 blog into several “virtual blogs”…

    What I would REALLY like would be categories with checkboxes, like some BitTorrent trackers have (check out http://www.myspleen.com). Simply check and uncheck the categories you are interested in, hit save, either a cookie is sent to your browser if you are not logged in, or it is saved to your wordpress account if you are logged in, and future visits to the blog would display only the categories you are interested in. With grey AJAX links to expand posts you aren’t interested in. That would rule!

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